4th EPBS Conference: Biomedical Scientists Adding Value to the Health Care System

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Conference programme



          Sylvia Handler, President biomed austria, Austria

          Paul Sungler, CEO University Hospital Salzburg, Austria

Biomedical Scientists: Adding Value to Healthcare          Marie Culliton, President EPBS, Ireland

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Session 1: Educating for Value 

Molehills and Mountains - Career Development Paths          Geja Oostingh, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria

Biomedical Scientists - PhD in Laboratory Medicine          Barbara Bogner, Paracelsus Medical University, Austria

Pushing the Boundaries - Consultant Biomedical Scientist          Irene Regan FRCPath, Academy of Clinical Science and Laborartory Medicine, Ireland

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Session 2: Regulating for Value

Value of Professional Regulation          Birgit Luxbacher, Managing Director biomed austria, Austria

Impact of Free Movement on Regulation          Theodoros Koutroubas, Director General European Council of the Liberal Professions

The Role of Professional Bodies in Regulation          Sarah May, Deputy CEO IBMS, United Kingdom

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Session 3: Hidden Value

Chronic Disease Surveillance - Opportunity Missed?          Anneli Rätsep, University of Tartu, Estonia

Value of Laboratory Medicine          Michael Hallworth, Former Consultant Clinical Scientist, Shrewsbury, UK

Evidence Based Laboratory Investigations          Evelien Smits, University of Antwerp, Belgium

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Session 4: Managing for Value

ISO Accreditation - Value for Money?          Folker Spitzenberger, Fachhochschule Lübeck, Germany

Using Aggregated Laboratory Data to Shape Health Care          Ivan Brandslund, Sygehus Lillebaelt, Denmark

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