Student Facilitator


Barbara Kappeller 

Student Facilitator EPBS. (Austria)

Barbara Kappeller entered the Biomedical Science profession in 2008, when she started working at the Institute for Pathology at Cardinal Schwarzenberg Hospital, Schwarzach, where she performed histology, immunohistochemistry, cytology and immunocytochemistry. Since 2010, she is employed at the clinical routine laboratory within the same hospital, where she is working in the fields of clinical chemistry, haematology, haemostaseology, transfusion medicine, urine analysis and infection serology.

Barbara has been a student member of Biomed Austria since 2006 and active member in Biomed Austria regional association of Salzburg since 2009. She participated in the EPBS Student Forum and was granted the Martin Nicholson Award 2008. At the GGB Meeting 2010 in Verona Barbara was elected as Student Facilitator of EPBS. During the last years she had the possibility to become familiar with the EPBS belongings and she feels now comfortable with her position in the Management Body.

Barbara is dedicated to working with students and additionally she is concentrating on student mentoring. Therefore Barbara is convinced of the importance of high educational standards in Europe for Biomedical Science.

Barbara loves to find herself in diverse new situations and get to know interesting people. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, diving and motorcycling as well as just being with friends.